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Raising Resilient Teens In Challenging Times

Raising Resilient Teens is an hour long presentation that educates parents on the warning signs of suicide, dispels myths, and encourages parents to speak to their children about suicide prevention. This parent presentation is taken directly from the evidence-based Lifelines: Suicide Prevention program. These presentations are open to the whole community, and free of charge to attendees.

Upcoming Raising Resilient Teens presentations dates can be seen below:

Raising Resilient Teens Virtual Parent PresentationCompleted: View webinar recording now!

This presentation will help you safely address topics such as mental illness, suicide and substance abuse with your child while dispelling common myths on mental health and suicide, addressing the importance of talking to your child about identifying “Trusted Adults” in their life and will provide information on warning signs and local resources. Please visit the link below to view the webinar recording!

The Role of the Trusted Adult

This program educates those viewed by youth as role models (coaches, teachers, etc.) on how to respond to at-risk youth. Participants learn how to engage with at-risk youth, confidentiality, warning signs and risk factors of youth suicide, protective factors and resources. This information empowers trusted adults to take action when a youth comes to them about either a friend talking about suicide, or themselves.

Upcoming Trusted Adult presentation dates below:

We currently do not have any in-person presentation scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back here or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on our programs.