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For well over a decade, the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (SPTS) has focused on creating safe spaces for our youth and their families through programs that foster safety and build resilience in our children. SPTS developed two family-centered resources designed to build an empathic bridge between parents and emergency healthcare providers, pediatricians, and schools.

Behavioral Health Toolkit

The Behavioral Health Toolkit helps families identify surfacing behavioral and mental health issues in their children, provide knowledge to keep them safe and guidance for when to seek professional mental health services. The toolkit, distributed in pediatric offices and schools, focuses on early identification and prevention before a loved one reaches a crisis point.

Mental Health Crisis Toolkit

Given to families in hospital emergency departments, the Mental Health Crisis Toolkit, is a comprehensive resource that includes guidance for parents/guardians of an adolescent in the midst of a mental health crisis–an experience that is incredibly frightening, lonely, and confusing to most. The intentional approach of the toolkit is to calm and inform parents during a critical time.