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Join Us for a Day of Wellness and Resiliency!

The Youth Wellness Summit is a day-long event (7:30am-1:30pm) hosted by the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (SPTS) and offered to public and private high schools, in each county, at no cost. The summit was designed to provide students, staff, and administrators with the resources needed to support overall wellness, including the prevention of teen suicide and other upstream prevention measures. By engaging participants with a variety of activities, students will be able to develop positive coping strategies, increase their knowledge as it relates to overall wellness, and learn practical techniques that can be easily implemented in their individual learning environments.

The goal of the summit is to instill methods and practices for overall wellness and mental health, and to enrich students’ lives by improving their ability to effectively problem solve, set goals, and increase their leadership skills. The summit will seek to motivate participants to return to their schools as positive role models and become partners in creating safe and fun places to learn. All participants will receive a “Wellness Tool Kit” to share with their school and will leave enthusiastic about making a difference in their community.

Upcoming 2024 Youth Wellness Summits

Morris County | Middlesex County | Ocean County | Nassau County | Monmouth County


Please contact Natalie Hayes-Scott with any questions, or to register at

[email protected] or 732-410-7900