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This online training is offered at no cost through the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide. The training, which focuses on the competent school community model, helps educators and school staff to understand their role for suicide prevention and how important it is to recognize their potential role as “Trusted Adults”.

The training embraces school culture and presents real-life scenarios for youth suicide prevention methods using the Competent School Community Model. The training specifically addresses elevated at-risk populations: LGBT students, bullying/bullied students, gifted students, and those students being reintegrated into the school environment following a suicide attempt. Survivors of suicide loss shared their personal stories, while mental health experts from the field of suicide prevention gave detailed accounts regarding at-risk populations, warning signs, and risk factors.
The training is available immediately for at sptsuniversity.org and satisfies the requirement for professional development for educators in many states across the Country, at the discretion of their local school board. This training is also available as an in-person model. For more information on this and other training opportunities available from the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, please contact us at [email protected].