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These are challenging times for all of us, especially parents and guardians of children and teens. Having discussions regarding disturbing media events, such as mass violence, with our adolescents and children can be difficult. In response to the recent shooting in Las Vegas, our partners at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care have created helpful strategies for talking to youth following a mass violence event. SPTS would like to share this important information – please click on the link below.

We encourage you to “check-in” with our young loved ones regarding such events. Our thoughts and prayers are with the all of those impacted by the shooting in Las Vegas.  If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me: [email protected] or (732) 410-7900.

View Talking Points from Rutgers UBHC


Phyllis Alongi, MS, NCC, LPC, ACS

Clinical Director