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The concept of making one week in the school year a time when the focus of the school is on respect is a great one, but why not use this opportunity to incorporate the concept of respect into the ongoing culture of your school? Take the projects your school is implementing this week that emphasize respect and engage the members of your school community in conversations about how to keep them going all year long. And remember, respect isn’t confined to student behavior – look to your administrators, faculty, and staff for examples of respectful behavior that  can serve as models for your students. Think big! Reach out and involve the larger community outside your school in a campaign of respect that recognizes the importance of extending classroom lessons into the real world.  Don’t let respect be just another week on your school’ s calendar – make it into a lesson your students will live every day of their lives!

Respect Week Project Suggestions

  • Bimonthly meetings with student advisory board
  • Group discussions
  • Online discussions on webpage
  • Question of the week on school TV
  • Morning Coffee House in cafeteria
  • Lunch breaks
  • Teen nights
  • Cookies for kindness
  • Article in school newspaper
  • PTO newsletter
  • Yearbook
  • Photos for school website

Prepared by Maureen Underwood, LCSW