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With the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaching, we know there is the possibility that children and families may be retraumatized, especially by what promises to be intense media coverage of last year’s devastation.   SPTS Clinical Director, Maureen Underwood, LCSW , along with a collaborative team of youth service professionals, created the attached document “Helping Your Children Deal With The Anniversary of Sandy” to alert parents, guardians and adults  to the possibility of what are called ‘anniversary reactions’.   Suggested strategies for talking with children about the anniversary are included as well as a list of a few helpful resources.

As we all have been reminded during the recovery process, a little anticipatory knowledge can be a big help in responding to what can feel like unexpected challenges.  We hope the information  put  together in this handout will be helpful  to you, and we encourage you to pass this along to anyone you think could benefit from having this guide.

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