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Our first parent video Not My Kid: What Every Parent Should Know About Youth Suicide, which gives parents tips to recognize the signs of a teen who may be in trouble and then models how to address those issues appropriately is available at no cost to the viewer.  The video has been viewed on the website over 10,000 times and another 5,000 hard copies have been distributed to schools, church groups and Parent Teacher Organizations.  We now recognize the need for informational material for parents about bullying and suicide. SPTS plans to create a companion video called STICKS ‘N STONES: What Parents Need to Know to About the Connections Between Bullying and Suicide. The video will feature a bullying and suicide expert addressing common parental questions about bullying and its connection to suicide.

By its conclusion, parents will learn:

• Current research-based information about kinds of bullying and its impact on the bully, victim and bystander

• How to identify if their child is involved in or exposed to bullying

• How to intervene with their child and the school

• What the relationship is between bullying and youth suicide

• How parents can and should become actively involved in both bullying and suicide prevention activities

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